Public Health:

  • Transmission Interaction Persistence (TIP): A Supply Chain and Epidemiological Model for Zoonotic Diseases Outbreaks (With Retsef Levi, Nicholas Renegar, Lu Chen, Jennifer Gao ; To be submitted)
  • Predicting the Spread of SARS-CoV-2 Variants: An AI-Enabled Early Detection (With Retsef Levi ; To be submitted)
  • Multi-Wave Respiratory Viruses Infections: The Role of Variants Dynamics (With Retsef Levi, Yanzhe Ma, Jennifer Gao ;  Working paper)

Health Systems:

Cyber Security and Supply Chain:

  • Supply Chain Characteristics as Predictors of Cyber Risk: A Machine-Learning Assessment (With Kevin Hu, Raphael Yahalom, Retsef Levi ; Preprint)

Government Operations and Service Platforms:

  • Differentiated Impact of Government Transparency on Civic Engagement through Service Platforms and Design Implications (With Y. Karen Zheng, Jennifer Gao, Retsef Levi ;  Working paper)


Honors and Awards

  • MIT Dean's Fellowship for outstanding academic record, personal achievements and professional promise, 2020
  • French-American Chamber of Commerce Foundation fellowship, 2020
  • Outstanding Investment Prize for contribution to student life, 2020
  • Agency for French Education Abroad fellowship for academic excellence, 2014-2019